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We Are Driven by an Earnest Desire to Support Businesses the World Depends On. We Believe Long-Term, Sustainable Growth Stems From Operating in Alignment with Our Core Values. These Are Our Promises to You:


1. Dependable, Long-Term Growth

Born from humble beginnings, Rack began with the earnest mission for a small but committed company to provide unparalleled quality and servicel, promoting dependable growth for our partners.

2. Quality Products that Last

We are proud of the long-term relationships that we have built with our clients over the last 7 years. In part, those strong relationships come from our committment to always do right by our partners. To us, that means delivering exceptional quality, consistently, ahead of schedule.

3. Manufacturing with Integrity: A Safety Rating

Safety is more than a priority. It is a way of being. Safe decisions stem from integrity in the short-term and sustainability in the long-term. We build things that last. And that means taking extraordinary care of our people.

Our Goals

      • No one gets hurt
      • Minimal environmental impact
      • Continuous HSE improvements to enhance our business
      • Excellence in HSE performance


Our Commitment

      • Create a work environment where we identify workplace risks and mitigate them through proactive programs for incident prevention, assessment, and analysis.
      • Hold all employees accountable for their safety responsibilities in their respective departments, jobs, crews, or workplaces.
      • Meet or exceed all legal, regulatory, industry standards and customer expectations.
      • Create a “partnership” with contractors, suppliers, and other third parties to achieve our goals by mutual HSE commitment and aligned management systems.
      • Promote a philosophy that incident prevention both reduces human suffering and is good for business.
      • Empower all employees with the responsibility to stop a job they feel is unsafe.

4. Unparalleled Value

Our industry powers our nation. It helps children study, businesses grow, and people build their lives. We are honored to support businesses our nation depends on. And our vision is to continue to earn the trust of our partners every day.

5. A Legacy of Long-Term Growth for Our Partners

Sustainable growth stems from staying true to our core values. Create superior and sustainable long-term value for our customers and employees by staying true to our culture and core values.

6. Integrity At The Core of All Decisions

We do the right thing, ethically and honestly, every time. There are no shortcuts in life. No elevator to the top. Our clients’ long-term success depends on the integrity of every small, but crucial, decision today.

7. Collaborative, Respectful Partnerships

In business and in life, meaning comes from the strength of our relationships. We build lasting relationships with clients built on a foundation of respectful collaboration.

8. A Culture of Genuine Trust

We hold ourselves to the highest standard to safeguard all that is entrusted to us.

9. Support the Communities In Which We Live

We value the inter-connected nature of our lives. The success of our communities is the success of our families, partners, and businesses. We are highly involved in the local community and commit to supporting its growth.

10. Deliver Work That Stands the Test of Time

We strive for excellence in all that we do. Excellence means depenability of our word in the short-term and the longevity of our products in long-term.